Exploring the world is a big part of my life. I initially began "travelling" mainly for me, in a selfish "look at me" way. Nowadays I more so travel to learn, visit friends and explore nature. I am conflicted when I make "plans" because I often get torn between visiting friends or visiting new places. I like when friends join me in visiting new places; that's ideal!

For me, travelling is a way of learning. In a way, the entire world is my university. It is where I meet people, where I learn, where I play and where I explore. I'm not a "flag collector" or a "country counter" and don't really like the "How many countries have you been to?" question. I feel that the number of countries is irrelevant seeing as I've been in some countries for mere days, other countries many, many months and many countries several times. For me, it's more about being exposed to differences and gaining, if even in a small sense, at least some sort of an understanding and appreciation of those differences.

That all said, I have been able to experience much of the world and its beauty. I've been on the go pretty hard core since 2002 for a variety of reasons (for employment, for university, for straight-up pleasure). I have travelled North America, Central America, South America, Europe and Asia all quite extensively, as well as a bit of Africa and the Middle East. For those who don't know, I'm from Canada and in addition to living in multiple spots there, I have lived in Ireland, Finland, South Korea, Costa Rica and Saudi Arabia.

I absolutely love sharing my experiences and hope they will motivate others to reach for their goals.